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We support innovative projects and scientific research linked to senescence, and longevity which could help people to avoid age-related pathologies and maintain their independence at all ages. We committed to applying cutting-edge technologies to the latest scientific discoveries to help people live better,longer.


Pioneering biotech developing novel therapies against senescence.

StarkAge Therapeutics and their ExoCise® platform are identifying specific targets on the surface of senescent cells.

This approach will enable the selective destruction of senescent cells which cause many chronic age-related pathologies.

Information and services

The longevity platform of reference

StarkAge 5P is an ecosystem providing information and services dedicated to the prevention of aging.

The INFORMATION is scientific and medical, for both the general public and healthcare professionals. It is updated ongoing with the latest news based on high impact peer-reviewed scientific journals (Nature, Science, etc…)

The ACTION is based on understanding one’s specific risk factors thanks to genomic analysis (5P biology) and an in-depth clinical exam.

With this approach, we can measure one’s risk of developing age-related pathologies with an ARPaScore®, and in many cases, to prevent its development.