Quel âge avez vous vraiment ?

Savez-vous que votre âge biologique épigénomique détermine votre état de santé réel et vos facteurs de fragilité ? Pour vivre mieux et en bonne santé, vous pouvez pratiquer une activité physique régulière et manger sainement ou encore limiter votre consommation d’alcool ou de tabac.
Mais ça ne suffit pas…

I measure my biological age

Découvrez votre âge biologique épigénomique grâce au test StarkAge Longevety

Grâce au test d’âge biologique épigénomique proposé par StarkAge Longevity, vous avez la possibilité de mesurer l’impact réel des actions que vous menez et surtout d’anticiper les actions à mettre en place pour repousser les limites de votre vieillissement.

Test d’âge biologique épigénomique

Estimation de l’âge biologique épigénomique et dépistage des facteurs de fragilité


  • Questionnaire médico-social
  • Prise de sang à domicile ou en centre médical
  • Rapport clair et détaillé de votre âge biologique
  • Conseils concrets et personnalisés par un médecin

350 €

Comment ça marche ?



Je commande mon test en ligne, je crée mon espace personnel StarkAge et répond au questionnaire.



Je me déplace dans un laboratoire pour réaliser la prise de sang (prélèvement à domicile possible en option).



Mon échantillon est envoyé par voie postale vers notre laboratoire partenaire spécialisé en épigénétique.



L'ensemble des marqueurs permettant de déterminer votre âge biologique épigénomique sont analysés.



Vous recevez sur votre espace personnel votre âge biologique épigénomique ainsi que le compte rendu personnalisé et toutes les clés pour prendre durablement en main votre vieillissement.


Qu’est ce que l’âge biologique épigénomique Starkage Longevity ?


Des analyses réalisées en Europe dans un laboratoire de pointe partenaire de StarkAge Longevity


Une plateforme patient RGPD et la garantie que vos données de santé sont stockées de manière chiffrée et certifiée HDS (Hébergement Données de Santé).


L’interprétation de votre âge biologique épigénomique par des professionnels de santé, experts de l’épigénétique

They recommend Starkage Longevity

Yvanne (70 years old)

I wanted to organize a big trip to the United States but was afraid that it might be too much for me at this stage of my life. Learning that I am in excellent shape for my age (63) really allowed me to embark on this new adventure serenely.

Yvanne (70 years old)

Jean Pierre (67 years old)

Not having any scientific knowledge at all, I was afraid I wouldn't understand the test results and the detailed report, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The explanations and advice are very clear and geared towards practical application. I highly recommend.

Jean Pierre (67 years old)

The boost I needed

I knew that I didn't have the best lifestyle but knowing my biological age (50 years old) really opened my eyes to the consequences on my health. With personalized support, I now know how to get back on track.

Matthieu (45 years old)

A very useful gift!

My kids got tired of hearing me complain about my age and offered me a biological age test. Results: 65 years! A good surprise for me.

Mathilde (72 years old)

Comfort for retirement

As retirement approached, I worried about how I was going to age. Knowing my biological age (56 years old) reassured me. I have a more positive and serene outlook now t!

Jean-Yves (61 years old)

No surprises

A former top athlete, I was not very surprised with my results or the advice given to me. That said, the service and test is highly professional - I recommend wholeheartedly.

Josiane (70 years old)

Good value for money

I have wanted to know my biological age for some time but many tests are more gimmicky than scientific. StarkAge's solution strikes a good balance between rigorous science and affordability.

Laurent (35 years old)

I would have liked more details

The report and the explanations were clear and the advice practical and realistic, so I'm satisfied. Now I want to know more about aging, and was happy to discover the information section with understandable articles and videos that is very useful.

Valentin (52 years old)

A great original gift idea

My husband and I didn't know what to give my father for his 75th birthday. We had heard about epigenetics on TV, and then learned about StarkAge and decided to give it a go. Great choice! Dad is delighted to know that he is actually 71 years old and the results reassured us too.

Isabelle (50 years old)

Ginette (85 years old)

I have trouble getting around, and particularly appreciated having the possibility of a nurse coming directly to my home. I had questions to ask on the phone and the secretary took the time to answer them all.

Ginette (85 years old)

Quality service at an affordable price

A lot of my friends were talking about biological age and epigenetics and it made me curious about my biological age. StarkAge offers a service with a very good value for money.

Georges (81 years old)

A fun check!

I wanted to check if the daily efforts I make (gym, good diet) were really useful. My biological age is 29 years old, so I am clearly on the right track!

Marion (36 years old)

Very informative and clear !

My biological age is 73 years old. This news does not please me, but at least I was given clear explanations and an action plan to reduce my biological age. I am reassured that I can improve it now, and above all very motivated to take charge of my aging and improve my health! Can't wait to do another test in 6 months to see my progress.

Anabelle (69 years old)


You have questions ? We have the answers.

What is epigenetics?

Whereas genetics studies the composition of genes, epigenetics is concerned with how they are expressed. Small chemical modifications (epigenetics) are grafted onto certain regions of the genome and facilitate or restrict the expression of genes by our cells. Unlike genetic mutations, many of these changes are reversible and do not affect the DNA sequence. You can therefore impact your epigenetics, so it’s important to know your risk factors. This is now possible thanks to StarkAge Longevity’s epigenomic biological age test.

Why learn your epigenomic (or epigenetic) biological age?

If your epigenetic age is lower than your chronological age, you're on your way to staying healthy longer. But if your epigenetic age is older than your chronological age, it's time to modify your lifestyle.

How long does it take to receive my results?

Between 4 to 6 weeks. Once our laboratory partner processes your sample, and our specialist doctor has analyzed your results, you will receive your personalized report and recommendations in your personalized patient portal.

Where is my health data stored?

Your health data is stored in secure servers located in Europe. They are therefore subject to European GDPR standards, which guarantee respect for your privacy. Your sample has a unique secure identification number. This number guarantees anonymity and ensures the total confidentiality of all the information transmitted by the laboratory and by our partner doctors. With this encrypted security ID, you can retrieve your test results anonymously and securely from start to finish.

How does the epigenomic biological age test work?

The method for determining your biological age was developed by leading scientists in the field of epigenetics. Thanks to the DNA extracted from your blood sample, epigenetic data is obtained by next-generation sequencing. The biological age is then calculated from this information using algorithms designed and validated by the researchers.

Why does a doctor analyze the results?

Transmitting your epigenomic biological age to you without medical analysis means taking the risk of missing out on key information which will allow you to act on the aging of your body. Our doctors analyze the overall results: your epigenomic biological age, and all of the biological markers that make it up. Thus, we can detect weaknesses and the associated risks which can be masked by other indicators. The health professional's medical view of the results of StarkAge’s Longevity epigenomic biological age test thus gives you the keys to taking charge of your longevity.

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