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General public 16/05/2023 2 mins

The histones at the heart of longevity

General public 09/05/2023 2 mins

Diabetics: 7 things you can do to reduce your risk of dementia

General public 08/05/2023 2 mins

A simple routine to reduce the risk of age-related cancers?

General public 04/05/2023 2 mins

Urolithin A: the boost your muscles need?

General public 03/05/2023 2 mins

How our childhood traumas influence our aging

General public 30/04/2023 2 mins

Detecting Alzheimer’s disease up to 17 years before the first signs: a future reality!

General public 23/04/2023 2 mins

Metformin: the secret of its mechanism finally revealed?

General public 16/04/2023 3 mins

Is aging a disease? A heated debate.

vieillissement-general general-aging
General public 15/04/2023 3 mins

The anti-aging power of stem cells: food to the rescue

General public 12/04/2023 2 mins

Microbiota: one of the conductors of our cerebral aging

vieillissement-general general-aging
General public 04/04/2023 2 mins

41% of dementia cases are thought to be preventable!

03/04/2023 2 mins

Age-related bone fragility: the new hopes of science

General public 31/03/2023 2 mins

Lifelong physical activity: moderate efforts, big results.

General public 24/03/2023 2 mins

Stay hydrated to live longer in better health

General public 19/03/2023 2 mins

A handshake to predict your risk of death