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Extend healthy life

  • Make quality information accessible to the general public on scientific and medical advances in the field of aging
  • Helping society to age better by fighting dependency and the loss of autonomy in old age

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Why StarkAge Longevity ?

Our Biotech specializes in new diagnostic techniques based on genomic and post-genomic analyses to prevent age-related diseases and ensure prolonged healthy longevity.

  • A better understanding of the mechanisms of aging;
  • The use of the latest technological, biological and medical advances;
  • 5P Medicine: Personalized, Preventive, Predictive, Participatory and Evidence-based;
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) to determine one's predictive score for the risk of premature aging;
  • Personalized support for individuals who wish to reduce their risk of aging prematurely and losing their autonomy.
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StarkAge Longevity was born of a strong desire to sort fact from fallacy and to put scientific knowledge about aging within everyone's reach.
- Dr. Thierry Mathieu (President and Founder)
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StarkAge Longevity expert in 5P medicine

  • which takes into account the genetic profile of each individual

  • based on genomic and post-genomic analyses

  • prediction can lead to prevention

  • the patient takes charge of his health

  • validated by the scientific and medical community in peer-reviewed publications

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