Aging well means staying young longer.

StarkAge Longevity is

an information and services platform whose objectives are the prevention of age-related diseases, aging well, prevention of dependency and loss of autonomy in old age.

The objective of StarkAge Longevity is provide accessible and credible scientific information based on evidence-based scientific information so visitors can form their own opinion on "what really works" to slow down aging.

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Discover our services which will provide you with your biological age and the information you need to age better.

Basic estimation of your fragility factors

100 % on line

  • Medical-social questionnaire (15 mins)
  • Results and recommendations are sent via email within an hour
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Learn your Biological Age

Includes a blood test

Epigenome and Telomere length : EpiClock
  • Genomic analysis of DNA methylations (epigenome)
  • Measure the length of your telomeres
  • Detailed estimate of your biological age


To learn more about the epigenome

To learn more about telomeres

350 €
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Genomic Longevity Exam
Biological Age and ARPa-Score®
Based on Institut Pasteur de Lille's Longevity Exam®.
  • ARPa-Score® (Age-related Pathology Score) is your risk of developing age-related diseases
  • In-depth clinical exam with a specialized medical team
  • Specialized biological analyses, Telomere length, Epigenome, determination of your biological age, identification of age-related fragility factors
  • Personalized follow-up and coaching
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Our Approach

  • To understand what is really going on in our bodies, we study all the causes and mechanisms of natural aging. Why does the "living machine" always end up stopping?

  • StarkAge Longevity offers the most innovative solutions adapted to your individual metabolism thanks to our personalized medical consultations (5P medicine) which provide the information needed for a uniquely personal anti-aging plan.

  • If you want to take charge of your aging, our network of experts will support you in your approach and can also allow you to participate in clinical trials.